Decadent loving:

Take yourselves on a trip back in time to the most sensual and decadent of all civilisations and partake in the extraordinary physical pleasures of ancient Rome.

Like many famous legends of the past, the great orgies of ancient Rome are little more than a myth. There is no doubt that some citizens enjoyed the pleasures of the flesh in great numbers, but the ordinary man and woman’s sexual activities were of a more modest and ordinary kind.

Nevertheless, the Romans possessed a rich sensuality and an appreciation of physical pleasure which has almost been lost to the modern world. The warm climate, an abundance of fresh and delicate food and plenty of leisure ensured that there was both the time and inclination for love.

With a few props and very little planning, you can create the atmosphere of ancient Rome in your own home and submit to an orgy of pleasure for a day.

The Roman baths

One of the greatest of all legacies bestowed by the Romans is the bath. In the ancient world, the bath was not just considered a simple means of getting clean; it was a form of recreation, a way of relaxing and socializing. The humblest citizens could enjoy the pleasures of the huge and cavernous public baths, while the nobility had their very own bathing halls in which to while away the mornings and afternoons.

An modern bathroom may be a more humble affair, but it is the perfect place to begin your orgy of pleasure. Run a warm bath and sprinkle it liberally with scented oil. Take it in turns to soak in the perfumed water or, if the tub is big enough, you can bather together. Make it a really sensual experience, using large sponges soaked alternately in hot and cold water to shower each other’s skin. Choose natural, traditionally scented soaps and shampoos, with perfume such as lemon verbena or lavender, and above all take your time, sensuously washing every inch of your partner’s body.

Clean and refreshed, next on the agenda is a Roman body massage with rich oils. Lay cushions on the floor and cover them with fresh towels, then take it in turns to cover each other’s body with the scented oil. Make it an invigorating, firm massage; otherwise the relaxation may send either one of you to sleep. Once the whole body is glistening, take a small, blunt scraper (a credit card or phone card will do) and gently scrape all the oil off the body in soft movements in the direction of your heart. You can wipe the excess oil on a paper kitchen towel. This exfoliation should leave the skin tingling and feeling super-smooth.

You might like to work up an appetite first with some quickie sex, then lounge around in post-coital bliss.

Roman dress

Now you are ready to put on your Roman clothes. Tunics covered by simply draped lengths of fabric are among the easiest of costumes to emulate. You can surprise one another by preparing your costumes in private. Make them as sexy as you dare and, of course, you don’t need to wear anything underneath. Dress as if preparing to attend a banquet and don’t restrict yourself to white sheets or muslin – the Romans favoured brilliant jewel colours such as saffron and flame red, purple and gold. Use coloured scarves and jewellery to enhance your toga – and the woman can prepare her hair in a beautifully elaborate, exotic style.

A feast of pleasure

Once dressed, you are ready for the great feast. Romans ate their meals while reclining on couches. This was considered a sign of refinement and social position. Only slaves sat at the table, receiving permission to recline only on public holidays. Return to the massage cushions on the floor or recline on a low sofa and place the trays of food on a coffee table or on the floor.

Go for bread rolls, cheese, cold meat, small sausages, squares of pate on toast – or anything, for that matter, that you enjoy. Make sure there is plenty of fresh fruit – peaches, pineapples, pomegranates, passion fruit, figs and, of course, juicy grapes. Serve everything with copious quantities of chilled wine, to drink from goblet-shaped glasses.

Play games if you feel like it. Eat food from one another’s body, try passing the wine from one mouth to another without spilling a drop, or try catching grapes in your mouths – and if they fall, you perform a forfeit.

Rude food? Choose the most sensual nibbles to dip into each other’s mouth and across your bodies.

Tug of love

Revived by the food and wine, you can enjoy each other’s body again. This time, you can undress each other completely if you choose – a simple tug should free each of you from the restrictions of your robes. Comfortable on a bed of cushions, you can experiment with athletic positions or, satiated with food and sex, resort to the easiest and most gratifying. Whatever you get up to, make it a romp to remember!